RV Cooking Tips

One of the most popular conveniences of RVs is that they allow you to have a home cooked meal wherever you are. Most come with stovetops, ovens and even microwave ovens. You’ve also got a refrigerator and freezer to keep perishables fresh. Sure beats fast food and the expense of restaurant dining, and as a bonus, once you reach the campground you can look forward to grilling too! RV cooking can be every bit as delicious as home, and perhaps even better-you’ve heard the old adage, food cooked outdoors just tastes better, right? Are you looking for Motorhomes for Sale yet?

Great meals start before you hit the road. Collect your favorite recipes, making sure they aren’t too complicated and then start stocking up on staples like flour, sugar, herbs and spices, pasta, cooking oil, and other dry goods. You can also stock up on frozen veggies and canned goods, but for best flavor, pick up fresh produce, meats and baked goods like bread at each place you stop at. Using locally grown ingredients insures you’re getting the freshest and best tasting foods for your dollar. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got plenty of supplies like aluminum foil, plastic wrap, pots, pans, mixing bowls, tongs and spatulas, and a hand or manual mixer. Don’t forget charcoal for grilling!

Use your shopping at each stop as part of your adventure. Forget Walmart or big grocery chains and look for farm stands and local greenmarkets and bakeries. You just may discover some new favorites, and don’t forget the local fishing hole if you’re so inclined. There’s nothing like a meal of the catch of the day! RV cooking can be fun and delicious and become part of your adventure as you seek out local gems for your ingredients. Bon Appetite!